Drew Stock

Product Design, etc.

Specializing in UI/UX, Product Invention, and Prototyping.
Available for contract work.

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Bellow - iOS

Product Design · Prototyping · Branding

Text messaging is great for certain kinds of communication, but it's a poor substitute for presence. Voice and video calls are better, but why is it so hard to pick up the phone? With Bellow, two colleagues and I are hoping to address the social friction the current call model encourages. We're replacing interruption and anxiety with a system focused on mutual availability and control. Our public beta's in the App Store.

Runkeeper - Android & iOS

Product Design · Prototyping · Research

Runkeeper is one of the world's largest digital fitness platforms with over 45 million users spread across 192 countries. At different points during my time there, I led design for Growth/Engagement, Elite (premium offering), and Brand Partnership teams. I worked on everything from machine-learning-driven training programs to brand-powered reward systems.


Agilent Electronic Notebook - iPad

Product Design · Prototyping · Research

Agilent's Electronic Notebook (ELN) was developed to help scientists better capture, index, trace, and and mine their work. But an overly complex UI and desktop focus meant that it was challenging to use within its intended lab context. Together with a small team, I helped design and implement a tablet version of the ELN suited to the specific needs of lab workers.

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Graduate Student Work

Design · Prototyping · Physical Computing

I attended the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design where we prototyped hardware, software, and services together as a class. Projects I'm most proud of include a modular set of audio controls that live on your fridge, an exploration into how emerging technology might influence our experience of death, and an extra energy efficient lamp named Fickle.

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Simpsonify - Proof of Concept

Noodling · Prototyping · API Play

A colleague wondered aloud about how much work it would take to develop a simple web app that could translate a user-defined keyword into Simpsons-speak. I spent an afternoon prototyping it for fun using Framer.js, a library of made up Simpsons words, and the Big Huge Thesaurus API.

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Search Party - Proof of Concept

Noodling · Prototyping · Virtual Reality

Lots of talk about what VR means for gaming, but there's also interesting cinematic opportunities. Search Party is a quick demo of a choose-your-own-adventure style music video. The basic concept is that you start out hearing a song in the distance, and then can either move towards or away from it. This mechanic allows the experience to become a bit of a maze, where the only cues for reaching the music's source (i.e. solving the maze) are auditory.

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Runkeeper Flythru - Proof of Concept

Product Design · Prototyping · Noodling

During a hackathon at Runkeeper, I teamed up with the company's CTO Joe Bondi to compose little GIF summaries of particular runs or bike rides. The idea was to combine GPS traces, Google Streetview timelapses, and animations layered in based on activity-specific triggers. We prototyped a proof-of-concept that automatically generated timelapses client-side and then rendered them out as GIFs server-side.

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